Hacker Power is an investor company in the market of power generation. Thus, we keep a business division targeting prospection and installation of hydroelectric plants, in addition to the existing operation maintenance. With experience in potential exploitation and equipment manufacturing, we identify the projects with the best rate of return and low cost, transforming them in profitable ventures.


PCH Carlos Hacker

Located in Rio Xanxerê, in the city of Xaxim / SC.
Under operation since 1990, it was settled, initially, with 400 KW power. In the years of 2013-2014, it went through a re-powering process and, today, it counts with two Francis turbines with full power of 1,800 KW.

PCH Cajú

Located in Rio Xanxerê, in the city of Xanxerê / SC.
Under operation since June 2007. Set-up capacity of 3.2 MW, using 2 Francis turbines, of equal power.

CGH Anjos

Located in the city of Guaraciaba / MG.
Under operation since 2012, it also counts with a Kaplan S. turbine.

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