Hacker Industrial designs and manufactures the three main types of hydroelectric turbines: Kaplan, Francis and Pelton for PCHs and CGHs, with up to 30 MW power and high efficiency.


Kaplan Turbines

Hacker Industrial is pioneer and national leader in manufacturing Kaplan tubular turbines. Suitable for use with low fall and high water volume, offers high efficiencies even out of the appropriate range of operation. With vertical and horizontal shaft, upstream and downstream tubular housing, and spiral box. They are designed with high mechanic and hydraulic technology.

Francis Turbines

Suitable for ventures with low water volume and higher falls. With simple or double rotor, vertical and horizontal shaft, even without spiral box, Hacker Industrial Francis turbines are assurance of a great hydro potential use, and can be operate with reduce percentage of rated outflow.

Pelton Turbines

Suitable for potential with low water volume and high falls, usually between 100 to 1,200 meters. High-efficiency profile, performed with perfection by modern machines, Hacker Industrial is capable to assure performance precision for this type of rotors.

Equipment for a
complete station.

Hydroelectric Facilities

Designs, manufactures and supplies full solutions in lines of hydraulic facilities of all sizes, to regulate turbine speed, bearing lubrication and running actuators and hydro-mechanic equipment.

Butterfly Valves

It has a complete line of butterfly valves, with standardized project and compact manufacturing, set-up under the most diverse configurations and pressure ranges. All components are designed according to current technical rules and approved by a strict quality control.


Hydromechanical equipment to complement installation of hydroelectric plant s, water collection and outlet in the escape channel. From all grid sizes, in addition to wagon gates, segment, dumper type “Stauklapp” and “Stop-log”, combined with mechanical or hydraulic, manual or automatic triggering. Pipelines, forced ducts, transitions and bifurcations, flanges, balance chimneys, and diffuser valves are other equipment designed and manufactured.

Grid Cleaner

Automated device working to remove suspended scraps in restrained water – which obstructs the adduction channel, and, consequently, results in load loss and power generation in the hydroelectric plant.


Stands out by the know-how on the design, manufacture, assembly and set-up of all types of bearings, from props to combined for turbines, with high standard quality. In addition to assure safety in running the turbines.

Lifting and Moving

Designs and manufactures overhead cranes, of up to 50 t., for specific features of each installation based on applicable norms to this equipment. Submitted to assisted resistance and operation tests assuring its reliability.

Mechanical Auxiliary systems

Offers mechanical auxiliary systems as complement to global operation of the hydroelectric plant , which complies to specific norms of project and installation.

For example:

  • Draining and Depletion System
  • Service Water Filtering System
  • Fire Protection System
  • Levels Measuring System
  • Generator Cooling System
  • Lube Oil Treatment System
  • Service Compressed Air System
  • Among others

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