KWM Generators is a brand resulting from the partnership between Hacker Industrial and Automatic Eletric. Founded in 2008, the company designs, manufactures, install and commission synchronous generators of low and medium voltage for PCH market. With near one decade of experience, supplies innovative and competitive solutions to generate power with significant outcome.


Excellence in Technology

With large experience in design and construction of Hacker Industrial mechanical equipment, combined with the vast knowledge of electrical and electronic equipment of Automatic Eletric, KWM Generators has acknowledged capacity to supply generators, from all types and sizes.

Always using high-technology machining, in addition to advanced tools for mechanical and structural calculation, assuring safety, and higher performance to generators.

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Rodovia SC 480 km 82,5
PO Box 175 – Vila Hacker, s/n
89820-000 – Xanxerê / Santa Catarina – Brazil

+55 49 3441 8010 – +55 49 3441 8000