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Francis turbines are named after the Anglo-American engineer James Bicheno Francis, who, in the late 1840s, successfully applied some  of the concepts of hydraulic machinery recently developed by Boyd and Dowd, resulting in a highly successful efficient turbine. His development was very well accepted and its application soon spread to many installations around the world. Since then, Francis turbines have been improved in various areas, becoming one of the most popular and very efficient models in the world.

Francis turbines are radial flow reaction turbines, with fixed runner blades and adjustable distributor, allowing precise control of the turbine flow and power adjustment. The spiral case allows for an uniform distribution of speeds along the circular path of entering the pre-distributor, and the draft tube can be adjusted according to the requirements of the installation arrangement.


10 a 400 m


Até 50 m³/s

Francis HACKER turbines can have single or double runner, with vertical or horizontal arrangement, in compact single-shaft turbine and generator installation, or even in the “open box” format without spiral case. They can be applied in heads from 10 m to 400 m, with unit flows of up to 50 m³/s (in horizontal configuration) or above in vertical configuration. The use of proprietary NEX bearing technology guarantees a robust shaft line in synchronization with the operating conditions of the turbine and generator. The high-performance KWM generator is designed in close interaction with the turbine, and the result is high-quality energy generation at all times.

Hacker’s experience, refined engineering and manufacturing quality guarantee turbines with high efficiency and performance across the entire operating range.Find out more about our successfully supplied Francis turbines in the references

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