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Kaplan turbines are the result of the mechanical improvement of the first propeller turbines developed in 1908. They are axial flow reaction turbines, resulting in higher specific speeds than was possible to achieve with radial turbines. It was developed by the Austrian engineer Victor Kaplan, who designed this new type of propeller turbine in 1912 with the ability to adjust the rotation angle of the blades. This invention aroused a lot of interest and represented a major advance in the use of the operating range even at very low partial flows.

The first Kaplan turbines were designed with a vertical arrangement in a spiral case and a curved draft tube, but new arrangements were developed and currently horizontal arrangements are very popular, such as the S-type Kaplan turbines in upstream or downstream orientation, Saxo turbines or horizontal spiral case. They are very suitable for low to medium heads, normally between 8 m and 40 m.

HACKER is a leader in the supply of Kaplan turbines, and was the first Brazilian company to master mechanical and hydraulic technology in the manufacture of this type of turbine. Our Kaplan turbines power small to large powerplants in Brazil and around the world, having manufactured the largest Kaplan turbines made in Brazil to date.

Mechanical and hydraulic technological advances allow Hacker to offer the best Kaplan turbines on the market, with high performance, incomparable robustness and extended lifetime. Its complete supply includes NEX bearings, KWM generators, as well as hydromechanical hydraulic units and auxiliary equipment.


8 a 40 m


Até 150 m³/s

Vertical Kaplan

The most classic model that uses the Kaplan runner, uses the conceptual contour of a Francis turbine, and can have a spiral case in concrete or steel, or even without spiral case in “open box” concept.

Kaplan S Jusante

The most popular model among tubular turbines with a Kaplan runner, its generator is positioned downstream to the runner and draft tube is double curved, reminding the letter “S”.

Kaplan S Montante

A modification of the previous model, the upstream S-type turbine has its generator positioned upstream to the runner, with an inclined inlet and a symmetrical horizontal draft tube.


The Saxo turbine has a vertical axis and combines the inclined inlet and draft tube from the Vertical Kaplan, making it a very robust model for various applications.

Kaplan Caracol Horizontal

It has the same concept as the Vertical Kaplan with a steel spiral case, but with a horizontal axis, resulting in a very compact set and great versatility.

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