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Mechanical Auxiliary Systems

HACKER offers mechanical auxiliary systems as a complement to the overall operation of the power plant plant. Examples of mechanical auxiliary systems include:

• Drainage and sewage system

Its purpose is to repress water collected inside the powerhouse, resulting from equipment unloading, floor cleaning and percolation. Drainage system designed to empty the hydraulic circuit of the generating units for inspection or maintenance needs, whenever necessary.

• Service water filtration system

Its objective is to supply filtered and pressurized water for heat exchangers in Hydraulic Units and also to supply water to lubricate and cool shaft seals for the units, in addition to supplying water systems for service.

• Water and oil separator system

Has the function of receiving oil spilled from the most varied equipment inside the powerhouse and storing it, thus preventing discharge into the river and ensuring the correct disposal of the oil.

• Fire protection system

Emergency system whose function is to respond to extreme cases in the vicinity of the powerhouse, having two modes with hydrants or extinguishers, aiming to ensure safe operation of the hydroelectric plant.

• Level measurement system

Measurements carried out using level and pressure transmitting sensors. The system aims to carry out essential measurements for monitoring water levels downstream and upstream of the hydraulic turbine, such as at the water intake, tailrace channel and reservoir.

• Generator ventilation system

System which guarantees ideal conditions for maintainers and equipment, providing fresh air in specific locations to renew the environment and mainly dissipate heat generated. Air renewal through forced ventilation, exhaustion through metal ducts directing the heated air out of the powerhouse, taking advantage of the pressure generated by the generators in operation.

• Service compressed air system, among others

Its purpose is the production, storage and distribution of compressed air to meet the needs of equipment and tools for maintenance and operation of the powerhouse.

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