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REVO Turbines

REVO turbines are a new “all in one” solution with a revolutionarily simple concept. Derived from traditional turbines, REVO turbines make use of all of Hacker’s mechanical, hydraulic and electrical technology to offer a compact product that is easy to install and considerably reduces the need for civil construction.

Some of the main features are:

• Synchronous generator with direct coupling specially developed for REVO turbines with superior performance.

• Optimized for simplified civil construction and low construction costs.

• Easy installation and reduced field assembly time.

– Easy transport within standard road transportation limits.

• Robust steel chassis housing the entire hydraulic unit and accessories.

• Simple regulation, with fixed runner.

• Start-stop and regulation with mobile distributor.

• Air-cooled bulb in closed circuit, expandable for external ventilation.

• Mechanical seal with proprietary low leakage technology.

• Closed housing with insulation designed for outdoor environments.

• Optimized plant performance with the use of multiple units in a cascade arrangement.

• Maintenance and rapid replacement packages available on request for low disruption.

Our main model is the REVO-SI, an axial turbine with a fixed runner and adjustable distributor, specially designed to take advantage of low head potential and high flow rates, offered in three sizes, D600, D900 and D1300. These generating units feature all the HACKER technology of large machines in a compact and innovative concept to enhance the viability of small power plant projects.


The REVO-SI D900 is an extremely compact tubular turbine, specially viable for implementation in new installations inside the dam, whose civil powerhouse structure merges with the dam structure, taking up little physical space and drastically reducing the volume of concrete involved. The entire unit is weather resistant and can be kept outdoors, without the need for additional protection. Its hydraulic sizing allows the use of flows between 70% and 100% of the nominal flow with good efficiency and simple adjustment. It is supplied on a single chassis containing all the mechanical and hydraulic equipment necessary for its operation.

The REVO-SI D900 is available in modules of 220 kW, 300 kW, 400 kW and 550 kW, operating at drops between 4 and 17 meters, as shown in the graph below.

Download the catalog with detailed information about the REVO-SI D900 here.


The REVO-SI D900L was specially developed to use existing dams or reservoirs with excess flow or hydrological capacity to install one or more generating units. It is also applicable in new installations or as an extension of existing plants with great implementation feasibility.

Its design allows it to be coupled to an existing circular pipe and its structure is built in a robust, self-supporting manner to facilitate installation. The curved suction tube is rigid enough to withstand the forces in operational conditions with reduced concrete volume. The hydraulic profile is designed for installation with a positive suction height of up to +2,5 m above the downstream level (for 200 kW, 260 kW and 370 kW models), resulting in easier construction and safer access for maintenance.

Available in models with 200 kW, 260 kW, 370 kW and 520 kW of electrical power, for heads between 4 and 18 m (13-59 ft), selectable according to the chart below. The nominal flow is 3,5 m³/s, operating from 2,5 m³/s.

Download the catalog with detailed information about the REVO-SI D900L here.


The REVO-SI D1300 is the largest turbine in the REVO-SI family, and is applied especially at low head potentials, between 3 and 9 meters, turbine flows between 6 and 8 m³/s. It is available in modules of 200 kW, 350 kW and 450 kW of electrical power, with a built-in high-performance generator. Check out the details in the selection charts below.

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