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ensaios de rendimento hidráulico de turbinas

Service is HACKER’s division focused on the external market, specialized in meeting the demands of the energy sector with all of HACKER’s structure and quality, offering engineering, manufacturing, execution or supervision solutions on demand. With our own qualified team and a network of approved partners, we have the capacity to operate throughout Brazil and Latin America, offering high-technology solutions and services.

Field services

  • Preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Consulting work
  • Visual and dimensional inspections
  • Mechanical measurements and analysis
  • Installation of monitoring systems
  • Hydraulic performance testing of turbines
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Technical report and diagnostics
  • Assembly and commissioning supervision
  • On-site assisted operation
  • Training of maintenance and operation teams
  • Scheduled and emergency technical assistance

Factory services

  • Manufacture of customized or standardized equipment and parts
  • Resale of parts and components
  • Mechanical recovery of parts
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Balancing of rotating machines
  • Heat treatment and standardization
  • Coating with special materials

Engineering services

  • Research and development projects
  • Repowering and modernization studies
  • Investigation of transient hydraulic phenomena
  • Hydraulic circuit study and validation
  • Reverse engineering and optimization
  • Rotating element rotodynamic studies
  • Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation
  • Structural calculations (FEM)
  • Development engineering
  • Specialized consultancy
  • Retrofitting of old systems
  • As Built and Data Books

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